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About us!
Digidotz Web Hosting  & Web Design has become well known and highly respected in the hosting community as a web hosting and design firm that provides high quality services at a very affordable price. We are a dynamic organization comprised of technical and business experts that are committed to excellence.

Our solutions permit businesses and individuals to upload and maintain their Internet websites on Digidotz's network of high-end servers. Our packages are very much tailored to suit any websites' hosting needs. All hosting plans come with power packed features and our dedicated support team's round-the-clock help ensures that you find all of these features and pre-installed scripts easy to use.

Our established client base consists from start-ups, establishing an initial web presence with a simple homepage, to large portal websites that require the power of database solutions to host industrial-strength e-commerce and PHP web sites.

Apart from the hosting solutions, we offer services necessary to run your internet business. These include domain name registration, search engine submission, reseller solutions, web design, website management and credit card processing.

Our Commitment:
We are strictly committed to you and the growth of your business. We work for you; and your approval of our superb service is an important indication that we are fulfilling our commitments to you.

Why Choose Digidotz as your web hosting or reseller provider?
Digidotz hosting is a financially secure and debt-free company backed by organizational stability ever since our humble beginnings. We continue to upgrade and stay one step ahead of this rapidly growing industry with the latest technology and industry tools to better service you.

Our dedicated staff and employees are personable and very knowledgeable in their field of expertise, which range from Linux technologies to software engineering, to marketing.

We want to clearly show you the difference and list out why Digidotz  is your best choice for web hosting and reseller hosting services:

Organizational and financial stability
Innovative technology
Dedicated people
Technical support
Long-term commitment
Increased customer focus
30 day money-back guarantee
Hassle-free service

With Digidotz you have a fully integrated web hosting and reseller solution and the freedom to grow without limits. You’ll never have to switch to another web hosting company AGAIN! This is our commitment to YOU.

Hosting details:
New accounts are created within 24 hours. You will be provided with the DNS server names to be able to set up your own domain, as well as the username and password for your personal control panel, and the address to use with FTP to upload your files to our servers. You will simply love our Cpanel/WHM control panels. It allows you to have total control over your account with the click of a button. You do not have to know anything about setting up web servers!

Digidotz will offer fast, reliable connectivity to the internet. Our network is designed to be fully redundant and self healing from top to bottom. The only single possible point of failure is the connection to the physical server which limits any risk to a single rack or server. Each Foundry EI-4802CF access switch dual uplinks to a Foundry FESX-424 allowing for local layer 3 switching, policy assignment and egress DoS protection. The FESX provides redundant service by utilizing VSRP/VRRP ensuring that both layer 2 and layer 3 traffic has an alternate path in the event of a failure.

Each FESX connects via 10GbE to one of a paired Force10 E600's which act as layer 3 aggregation routers. In addition to the direct connections to the E600's, each FESX connects to its hot-spare through a dedicated 10GbE connection ensuring that in the event of a physical network cable/fiber cut the device does not need to degrade its master status and can continue passing traffic through its hot spare thus limiting the amount of actions taking place in the event of a minor failure.

The E600's interface with multiple Juniper M20's which peer with our bandwidth providers via multiple redundant OC-48 connections providing a maximum throughput of ~22Gbps. The E600's and the M20's communicate internally via iBGP allowing for extensive route mapping and traffic shaping helping us to provide you with the fastest connections and least latent path possible. . 

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